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  • Swimming Pool Service

    You did not get a pool to spend countless hours keeping it clean. A pool is supposed to be FUN! Let us do the work, while you HAVE THE FUN!

    Our weekly pool service keeps your pool in top operating condition so it's always ready for you to enjoy! With our service you will know that your pool will always be clean, the water will be fresh and clear and the temperature will be just right. read more
  • Swimming Pool Equipment

    We carry a complete line of swimming pool equipment. From Hayward, Pentair, Jandy and Waterway, we have the equipment to keep your pool running.

    We ship nation wide, and in stock items ship within 48 hours. Installation is available for all of our products within our service area. Save up to 40% and have the product delivered to your door.

  • Swimming Pool Chemicals

    Save on our LOWEST prices of the year on all of our pool chemicals. From chlorine tablets to algaecide, we have all the chemicals you will need to maintain a healthy and clean pool.

    Never have to make that dreaded trip to the pool store again. We can deliver our chemicals straight to your door. No more hauling those smelly, dangerous chemicals in your car. If you live in our service area, most deliveries can be made within 48 hours. read more

Filter Cleaning Service

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AccuPool Swimming Pool Service

AccuPool Swimming Pool Service

Filter Cleaning Service

Certified Pool and Spa Operator

Like your car, your pool and spa filter requires regularly scheduled maintenance in order to keep it operating normally. Generally, the routine maintenance that we perform on a weekly basis covers the vast majority of scheduled maintenance for your pool filter, but additional maintenance items are required from time to time depending upon your particular pool /spa filter.

Due to these additional maintenance requirements our customers are notified once a year that their filter is due to be cleaned. The once a year cleaning for D.E. filters will apply to most filters, however depending on pool usage and other factors, some filters will need cleaning every six months. Cartridge filters should be cleaned every six months and some of the smaller filters will require cleaning more often. Sand filters will require the sand to be changed out approximately every 4-5 years. This can also vary depending on the pool usage and other factors. This service is an additional swimming pool service that we provide to our customers at an additional charge. Filter cleaning charges vary depending upon your pool /spa filter type. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via Twitter or Facebook below, or request an estimate. If you prefer, we always welcome inquiries by phone at 830-609-3000 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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AccuPool Pool Filter Service